No pain no gain
Karin Rudefelt and Doctor Blues — No pain no gain
Release date : Apr. 09, 2003
Label : Self produced
  1. You need a roadmap
  2. No pain no gain
  3. Can't take it no more
  4. Train of life
  5. Seven eleven
  6. Heart in hand
  7. Color of my blood
  8. Lost my heart but got the blues
  9. Still got the juice
  10. My secret glow
  11. Lazy dazy crazy
  12. Walkin' on eggs
  13. El Salvador

Lyssna på ”I need a roadmap”:

I need a roadmap

Lyssna på ”No pain no gain”:

No pain no gain

Lyssna på ”Can’t take it no more”:

Can’t take it no more

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”How Swede it is. From the land of the Vikings comes Doctor Blues. Guitarist/singer/songwriter Lennart Olofsson leads an ensemble fronted by sweet-voiced vocalist Karin Rudefelt. Cooking with powerful restraint. Fine players all, and they´ve done their homework!”

Blues Revue – USA No 1 Blues Magazine