We take it all for granted, even though we all live on borrowed time. Some live for mere minutes while others turn 100 and more. Death shows no justice. Therefore – live like you know you are dying, live in the now…

Well there was a young boy
Who´s heart was full of gold
He was the finest little creature
On the earth his mama told
Then he slipped and broke his neck
On the sidewalk in the cold

Once there was an old man
His life was like a fight
A body strong as grizzly
His mind was clear and bright
Within a week his body failed
The angels out á sight

A woman proud and lovely
She left her family
Another man had crossed her heart
He was her darling can´t you see
One day the love it faded
But she couldn´t see the use in being free

So don´t take anything for granted
Live as if every moment was your last
Don´t dig your self down into troubles
Don´t burn the candles far too fast
Try to see life in it´s prime
But do not waste any time
´cause you´re living on borrowed time

About gangsta rap and gang mentality, where one justifies the abuse of your fellow man with your own miserable story growing up. How one brain washes kids to think it’s right to commit crime and to show violence. One talks about the hell of your own existence while at the same time present your self in gold chains, fancy cars and surrounded by women. Double standards!!

You say that you are looking for some sympathy
But in reality you ´re nothing but sick debris
You ´re talking about justice and equality
But the only thing that interest you is hustling me
– Sometimes I sympathize with what you have to say
´bout the political status of the USA
But when it really comes to what you think is in the act
You wash the brains of little kids until their minds have cracked
You killed him – you took my son away from me (yes you did!)
You took my son away from me, injected him with brain debris

You say you want a revolution that would save the poor
So that the kids can take a stand against the drugs and whores
But when I see you in the act on MTV
The bling bling, guns and drugs are playing ´round for free

So now it ´s time to reconsider what you have in mind
A scrutinizing of the thoughts that you have left behind
You say you ´re looking for respect that ´s so hard to find
But in reality you kill each other from behind
– My little son he learned reality through GTA
He saw the gangsta scene, the hustling blew his mind away
He was recruited by the gang no matter what I say
The knife and guns took him away despite my pray

Could it have worked? All that fighting and hard work for no good? Was it worth it? The inner emptiness in complete. Does time heal all wounds? It appears it just might…

Roll on roll on
On this endless road
Let it roll
Without goal
I´m healing my soul

Never felt this way before
When you closed the door
Have to go
And I know
´won´t see you no more

Nothing´s gonna help me now
My heart´s the devils crow
Have to throw
What I sow
The burnin´ glow

For sure I´ve never been so low
As my feet plows the snow
Have to know
Can it grow
What you and me blow

There is always someone out there that you compare your present relationship with. That first love can be hard to beat. They say kids don’t know true love. But maybe they are the ones who dare to love completely, without boundaries…

Well I have dined at the finest tables
silver candles and light
I´ve been attended by the finest ladies
there was ever in sight
oh – hand on heart
I´m telling the truth
when I´m looking at the beauty before me
I think to myself
it could have been you

when I travel around the world
balance on the boarder line
when I´ve been forcing through the deepest jungles
no explorer can find
oh – all these beauty
that surrounds me then
I could never compare
when I picture before me
it could have been you

now I´m sitting here with all my fortunes
summing up
counting my successes and failures
makes me feel corrupt
oh – I´ve let love come and go
stand in a row
the men of all my children
come and go
it could have been you

Here we present the answer to the enigma of Mona-Lisa’s smile! Doesn’t she look a bit… excited… to you. Did Leonardo himself have something to do with it…?

I´m the hand under Mona Lisas shirt
Let me go under your´s, that won´t hurt
Let me see the smile on your lips
Like DaVinci did when he touched her tits
And then put her face on the wall
You kinky woman – kinky woman
Don´t be a party pooper, you pretty girl

Even Mona Lisa falls apart
Her face cracked down, it begun right from the start
So take this chance to makin´ it hot
And open your sense to the heat in your spot
I ain´t gonna let you down

Show me that you dare – All in love is fare
I´ll take you up the stairs’ – And leave you in the air

Please don´t give me that evil eye
For sure I´m not a fogey guy
I´ll give you all my kiss and caress
I feel I´m on the eve of success
I think I´ll have a crush on you

Sometimes we go beyond our pride to measure up to the one we love. The self esteem takes a fall. The more you ask and beg to be loved the less love you receive. You can tell the love that ones where fading away from your loved ones gaze. And you can tell you’re getting left behind….

My life is empty
Like MTV
Everything is happening
But without me
Came to get you
But you set me free
Let me kiss you
Before the pain grows free

A tear is rollin´
Down my cheek
And in your eyes a universe
For me to seek
It´s hard to find it
And it makes me weak
Let me kiss you
And heal the leak

So tell me baby
What to do
To fill the emptiness
To get us through
Why won´t you give me
A sign or clue
Let me kiss you
Or at least your shoe

Infidelity is hard. So is jealousy. The lies and deceit burns holes in you. Is it worth the price?

I´m gonna tell you a story
A little secret that ruins your mind
No heroes no glory
A darkness that can make you blind
Don´t take a lover under cover
If you would be so kind

You put a spy on my back
Trying to find some proof
Almost caught in the act
But I slipped out through a hole in the roof
Don´t take a lover under cover
You have to face the truth

So take this chance to make it clear
Before you accuse
A wounded heart will raise the fear
And melt you down to some strange kind of juice
Don´t take a lover under cover
It´s time to choose

Sometimes your love goes un-answered. Then you could use a little voodoo in the form of a magic brew, a love potion. The main ingredient it this recipe is toad liver, snake root, crows foot, the tooth of a dead man and the bones of a black cat. But be ware. Don’t try this at home, kids…

I´m gonna make a little blend
The black cats bone include
So you will love me in the end
Without me being rude
Toad lever snake root
Crow foot and dead mans tooth

I´m gonna pick up on my mojo
Calling the gris-gris too
And after that I´m gonna show you
Things that you never knew
Toad lever snake root
Crow foot and dead mans tooth

So won´t you come on little baby
And have some magic brew
The is no “No” or even “Maybe”
The voodoo talks to you
Toad lever snake root
Crow foot and dead mans tooth

This song is about hate crime. Crime against what’s considered outside the very subjective concept of ”normal” – people with different sexuality or color than ”the normal”, disabled people, refugees, addicts, homeless… Many rows can be added to this sad list. These kind of crimes are increasing and often written of simply as physical abuse.
”Monster’s ball” is a term used for the last supper for someone on death row.

The leather boots are marching
The devil crawls in the hall
He played underhanded
Welcome to the Monsters Ball

Lick or legalize
I don´t care at all
´cause if you love one another
Don´t worry ´bout the Monsters Ball

Well you can´t tell right from wrong
In love is all ´bout how you fall
´cause Jesus loves all his children
Go cancel the Monsters Ball

Time to get your life back on track!

Something strange happened to me the other day
The man that I´m loving prayed and begged me to stay
In the morning he tease me up and he pulls me down
And in the evening when I´m with him
I got my head on the ground

Pull me up pull me up
I got to push myself up

I go crazy, all I do and all I say
He´s impossible to satisfy
And he throws my love away

It doesn’t matter what I do or say – it’s all bad. Conscious misunderstandings, picking fights, criticism. Oh well, if I decide to stay I have myself to blame!!

I´m so damned tired
Of sneaking like a snake
I think you´re getting fired
Don´t want to be a fake
I know I have myself to blame
Oh – (another day it) shit´s the same

In the morning I can´t tell
What the day will bring to me
The feelings of your smell
Tell if I have to pay my fee

I tell myself over and over again
It´s time to leave this cursed plane
I feel like ship on the sea lost in stormy rain
As time goes by in this play

A little tenderness is all I need
To get away with my lonesome ride
Feel like a tumble weed
A castle made of sand washed by the tide

The less one knows the more one believes to know how. The ignorant seems to have opinions about everything. ”Truths” often delivered with big scoops of prejudice and ignorance. Break the chain, think for yourself and take responsibility for the chain reactions you create with your behavior…

People living small life
Ain´t nothing for me
All this kind of small life
Is killing me
You may want to fuck with the ins and outs
But I got to be free

When I go down town
To unwind
I see women teasing their hair
For mankind
The worker bees
Tough case
Walking their dog with their poop bags
Touch face

But what do they know
When they take a stand
They are ready to cut you in pieces
With the palm of their hand
They point you out
With fuzzy face
But the plastic life that they live
Is making me another race

Many people live there entire life in destructive relationships, with out any chance to break free. They die full of regret and misery. Maybe even resentment. How could they do that to themselves?!

When I take a good look around me
To see what´s going on
A lot of people make a move
So that they think they become strong
But in the end it all comes to a doubt
That´s what blues is all about

Take that old couple
Sharing all their life
Made love and children
Became man and wife
Now they hurt each other
And cry out loud
That´s what blues is all about

They built a whole life together
Went through heaven and hell
But to be honest, people
They never heard the bell
I don´t see why they have to shout
But that´s what blues is all about

They say time is a healer
That ease your pain
But I´m too young to
Just walk the lane
All I can do is try to work things out
´cause that´s what blues is all about

Some Swedish guys went to Mississippi to look for the roots of the blues. They were aiming for Robert Johnson’s grave. Not as easy of a task as you might think…

We came down to Mississippi by the river of Yazoo
It´s an Indian word that means
”the River of the Dead”, that´s true
We came to look for Robert Johnson
And the blues is down the line

He was killed in his prime twenty seven years of age
He was poisoned by the husband of a woman that had betrayed

He said: ”Bury my body by the highway side
So my old evil sprit catch a Greyhound bus and ride…”
Oh yeah, for sure that was a crime

Highway 61 and Highway 49
Is in the ”Cross Road Blues” that he wrote before he died
He had a date with the devil at the Clarksdale town
Where the Crossroads meet that would carry him around
Oh yeah, for sure that is a crime

We went looking for the grave but three was there to be found
But the widow of the grave-digger knows where he´s around

About how we exploit the resources of nature. How we with clear and conscious minds dig our own grave. Constant growth takes it’s toll of the planet. Hey – let’s build the finest and safest ship the history has ever seen!! Bigger, better – because we can. Titanic is a suiting symbol for our civilization.

I see the ”Hey, how are you?!” crowd
They fill the floor talkin´ loud ´n´ proud
Everybody blow up steam
Pop some pills to fulfill their dream

But in you eyes I can see the panic
The party goes titanic

I´m gonna take you to the Captain
I´m gonna take you to the crew
Interrogating how you´re acting
And really see you through

You are going for a ride
I shuffle shit against the tide
I can see you pull down the blinds
And drive your car to unwind

Revenge! That’s the last straw – you are not getting away with this!… A crime of passion taking an ugly turn…

You better run run run
Run as fast as you can
´cause baby you´re done done done
I think you can understand
You better run pretty baby
´cause this is the point of no return

I heard it in the air
Somebody whispered in my ear
You better be aware
That you will be hunted like a deer
This is the point of no return
This is the afterburn

You think the case is burnt
Buried deep down in the ground
I hope you have the lesson learnt
I don´t give up until you´re found