Out of the blues
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Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues — Out of the blues
Release date : Dec. 05, 2015
Label : Self produced
  1. Big and mean machine
  2. Life is such a bore
  3. I have to be strong
  4. Seven seas
  5. Arabian nights
  6. Peace at last
  7. It rains in Moscow
  8. Dying by the hour
  9. Blind
  10. Love child running wild
  11. Time for revenge
  12. Tombs in their eyes
  13. Can't take it no more (slide version)



This is what the German press wrote about the bands visit to the German blues scene in 2015:

“The magnificent singer Karin Rudefelt and Doctor Blues accounted for a completely new form of the blues; vibrant, innovative and unconventional. A charismatic band with international status. ”
Neue Press Kronach in Franke – Germany

…A description that fits very well with the band’s ambition. Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues do blues music with influences coming from so many directions that it really is an oversimplification to call this a blues band. The blues is more a starting point than a boundary that must not be crossed. In other words; blues puritans be warned – this is something else. Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues is choosing view points and themes from contemporary events and trends. However, the roots are, no doubt, firmly planted in the traditional blues soil.

Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues is launching their fifth album, again with nothing but original, self written material. On the album you will also find guest acts from prominent artists from the Scandinavian blues scene – Finnish blues queen Erja Lyytinen ( “The Queen of Slide Guitar”), the gitarr virtuoso Clas Yngström, the legendary bluesman Brian Kramer from Brooklyn, New York, the great Danish blues harmonica player Peter Nande and the world famous Hammond artist Pierre Sward.

The album title “OUT OF THE BLUES” signals that the music springs from the blues, but seeks its own path in the borderland of the blues. A borderland between past and present, man and woman, society and individual, love and hate, life and death, soul and physics. It describes what comes out of the intimate relationship between personal development and the encounter with life itself.

“… And the wolves of Sweden
howlin’ in the dark
They didn’t find no Eden
vanishing from Noah’s Arch … “