New album released – Out of the blues!

The title of the album “Out of the Blues” indicates that the music springs from the blues, yet seeking its own paths in a borderland between past and present , man and woman, society and the individual, love and hate , life and death, soul and matter and what comes out of the intimate relationship between personal development and the encounter with life itself.

” Each album is a piece of history that reflects where we stand in our musical journey together. We are very excited about and proud of the end result with Out of the blues. We have allowed the production to take its time and the sound has been allowed a large portion of playful experimentation. We are also very excited to the cooperation with some of Scandinavia’s blues giants, who have stepped in with great commitment lifting the songs further. We can’t wait to take these songs with us on the road.”

Studio Producer on Out of the blues is once again Patrik Alm, working in close cooperation with Lennart Olofsson.

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  • Peter Ream on

    I had never heard of your band until very recently. I was completely blown away!! I would love to hear you guys live sometimeecist. Unfortunately I will not be in your country any time soon. Any chance you edmay come to the states? I live in the NorthShore of Boston. There is a great blues scene and progressive music scene around Boston mostly driven by the Berklee college of music. One of the best progressive music schools in the world. I am sure your band would be greatly welcome and appreciated !!! Let me know what you think. Peter Ream (

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